Adrienne Shamszad, Vocal Coach, Sing and Surrender, Sing Circle

“Improvisation involves coming into a situation without rigid expectations or preconceptions. We must keep going forward, fearful or not, and be ready for anything that comes our way. That’s how life is. Remembering that life can be full of surprises is always useful. We’re improvising all the time—it’s good to recognize that.”

—Bobby McFerrin



is a uniquely invigorating vocal experience in which a group of open and willing people are guided in creating improvised songs and sounds together.  Circlesinging is refreshing, renewing and deeply moving.  No matter how long you do it for, you will most likely feel something let go in you and something else strengthen. 


You were born with a voice, you used it freely when you were a baby and had no judgment about the sounds that came from you naturally.  The experience of improvisational, guided singing is a way to liberate your voice again.  It is your birth right to sing, to use your voice to speak your truth, to make change in your life and to discover parts of yourself that have been hidden from you.  Sharing your voice in a supportive, creative community builds confidence, puts an end to feelings of isolation and challenges us to evolve and grow.  


Studies have shown group/choral singing as beneficial for depression and anxiety.  and that singing regularly supports cardiovascular and respiratory health.  Come and feel your heart beat with me, let your body sing and together let's write Circle Songs!

Adrienne Shamszad, Vocal Coach, Sing and Surrender, Sing Circle

Workshops and Events


I am leading Yoga+Circlesinging workshops at participating venues around the Bay Area.  If you or your studio would like to host this unique and community building event, please contact me!


Circle Songs are also an excellent activity for a blessing way baby shower, corporate retreat, team building exercise or conference.  Remember that ANYone can be led in a circlesong.  So don't be shy! I will happily answer any questions you have.






Adrienne Shamszad, Vocal Coach, Sing and Surrender, Sing Circle
Adrienne Shamszad, Vocal Coach, Sing and Surrender, Sing Circle
Adrienne Shamszad, Vocal Coach, Sing and Surrender, Sing Circle


"The spontaneous singing circle I experienced with Adrienne was awesome and inspiring. Adrienne turned into a soulful singing diva before my eyes and conducted our voices in an awe inspiring pattern and rhythm. I think all of us were amazed at the melodious sounds and resonance we were creating. The thought that it was to be so impermanent was heartbreaking but powerful at the same time. The sound bath created between this group of essentially newly acquainted strangers bonded us into a sisterhood in an instant. Adrienne is a truly gifted artist and a conduit for the inner goddess in all of us."

-Frankie L. (performer, director)


"Adrienne recently led a group of my business coaching clients through her sacred experience of circle singing at our last leadership retreat.  It was beautiful to witness how well the group vibed off of each other and how the ladies who don't normally sing accessed their power through the expression of their voices.  On a personal level, I love how circlesinging gets me out of my mind and into my body--allowing me to move through stuck energy and feel grounded & confident while leading a group.  After completing our circle I felt lighter and more energized--and more deeply connected to my own inner wisdom and to my soul sister clients. What I love so much about Adrienne is her ability to bring the art of singing down to Earth and make it fun, empowering and accessible to all.  She's a powerful, charismatic leader, and her confidence and passion for music shines through her heart-centered work." 

-Ashley Burnett, Business & Leadership Coach for Creative Entrepreneurial Women, San Francisco, CA


"I wasn't sure what to expect when Adrienne got us all into an impromptu circle. All I knew was that there was going to be something musical happening and wow was it ever! Adrienne started with by helping a few of us create a sound and then went to the next group and had them do something totally different, and then the next and the next. And before we all knew it we were belting this amazing conglomerate of sound into the air as she pranced about in the middle adding her own big sound and giving us her energy. We created melody after melody of sounds I never knew I or we could create. By the end of it all, we found our selves dancing and sweating and amazed. It was like we experienced this bonding tribe ritual together. A ritual of sounds and no words. It was fantastic. She was fantastic."

-Tif Sippel, Personal Trainer


"Circle singing was an unintimidating and exhilarating experience! I loved hearing how each section contributed to the unified voice of the group.  I was most surprised by how so many melodies and sounds came together to create one amazing sound. I have participated in similar experiences that just didn’t flow.  Adrienne did a superb job of guiding us while holding space for our unique contribution.  No one was afraid to belt out their notes. It was really liberating.  All my fear and inhibitions fell away. I felt connected to my sisters on a soul level and felt supported and held by everyone in the group. My voice grew louder and more of my essence came through as we sang on.  Circle singing is a beautiful reminder that there are no ‘extras’ in our world. We all have a beautiful voice that is meant to be shared, and when we step in to our authentic voice and own our contribution, we inspire others to do the same.  Adrienne held a sacred space for all to shine. She intuitively guided the flow while allowing each individual and the group as a whole to have the experience that their souls desired and wanted to offer up."

-Deana Colman, Transformational Coach