The secrets of spiritual life are opened to those who venture, not to those who seek guarantees for every step.  -Meher Baba

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About my yoga teaching:

I have always loved teaching.  When I learned to read , I started a little reading circle so I could teach the younger kids in school.  I learned to play guitar at 13, I started a teaching practice at 15.  I recognized the call to teach yoga after I had been a devoted practitioner for over 10 years.  Since I've been teaching, my reverence for the yoga practice has bloomed into something unexpected and radiant.  I love - LOVE - teaching yoga.  It is one of the most pleasurable and liberating things I get to do with my life.  I love how it challenges me to be a better communicator and a better observer.  It has taught me about patience and kindness like nothing else has.  When I teach, I invite my students to hold themselves with tenderness, with mercy.  How can I ask that of others if I cannot give such sweetness to myself?  What I wasn't able to do before I taught, I have since learned and continue to glean knowledge through guiding others.   

My beloved Yoga mentor Nubia Teixiera has guided me through two teacher trainings with her kind attentiveness, her sheer brilliance and knowledge and really big heart. Her devotion to the lineage of Hatha Yoga and Bhakti Yoga has been a safe place to learn. I try to create a safe space for people as well in the journey inward together. 

It is a pleasure to help people develop their skills in breathing, resting and challenging themselves while being unattached to the fruits of the labor.  It feels like an act of rebellion to lead people in being compassionate with themselves and to learn to observe without judgment.  Yoga can be like ointment to the burn of living a life of always wanting to be better.  Because the practice itself is so potent, all we really need to do is learn how to step out of the way and let the yoga do the work for us.  And once the students have stretched and strengthened and breathed and let go in yoga class, I sing to them as they lay down in Savasana!  Sweet relief!  

Regardless of your level of experience, your age, injury or level of health, yoga is for you.  There's no such thing as a yoga body or a yoga booty or a yoga belly - that is all boloney.  Your body was made for yoga, and yoga was made for you.  This tradition has survived through generations or transformation in culture.  It survived British colonialism.  It is still surviving even as the American Fitness Machine attempts to warp and skew Yoga to make sense to a capitalistic society... It has survived to help us humans thrive.  And all you need to participate in yoga is: respect for the practice, respect for its origins and respect for yourself.  That's it!  And if you don't have those things, you can learn them when you come to class.  


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